Wednesday, July 25, 2012

See You in Disneyland #2: Silly Reindeer

"See You in Disneyland: Silly Reindeer"
Artwork by Dan Cunningham, © The Walt Disney Company

It's July 25th! Only 5 shopping months left until Christmas!

Well, that reaction's a bit hasty. But Hallmark has already begun rolling out their 2012 Christmas Ornaments in stores. Enjoy the image above for a bit of Christmas cheer to cool you off during these hot summer days: the second illustration in my "See You in Disneyland" series!

Showcased here are just a few members of the team of Disneyland's "Silly" Reindeer who cavorted around the park and in Christmas parades for decades until recently, when they were replaced by less stylized (and decidedly less funny) reindeer.

A fun article on Disneyland's "Silly Reindeer" can be read at Kevin Kidney's Miehana blog HERE 

Besides floppy hanging tongues, the silly reindeer also had the ability to wink/blink their eyes at guests. Many seem to remember them fondly, yet they were never really utilized on merchandise, beyond print ads. In the background, you'll see another long-time tradition at Disneyland: the mammoth star decoration that once topped the Matterhorn during the Holiday season.

Medium: Vector Art in Adobe Illustrator

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